Avalanche Peak Current Conditions

Last Update: 2/12/20 21:25hrs DST

General (Valley Floor)
Temp Now: 5.9ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 23kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 50kmph
Wind Gust Max: 124kmph (14:31hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: 1.9ºC
Daily Rainfall: 0.5mm
Cloud Base: 2430m ASL

Tree-line (1400m)
Temp Now: 1.5ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 49kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 59kmph
Wind Gust Max: 128kmph (14:29hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: -10.5ºC to -6.6ºC
Daily Rainfall: 0.5mm
Current Weather: Snow.
Assessment: POOR. Strong average windspeeds. Freezing temperatures. Poor weather conditions.

Summit (1833m)
Temp Now: -1ºC (Falling)
Windspeed: 60kmph
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust (last hour): 72kmph
Wind Gust Max: 150+ kmph (14:30hrs NZST)
Wind Chill: -13.9ºC to -10.8ºC
Daily Rainfall: 0.5mm
Current Weather: Snow. Cloud is about 597m above summit.
Assessment: POOR. Strong average windspeeds. Strong wind gusts. Freezing temperatures. Poor weather conditions.

Today's Weather Forecast (Valley Floor)
Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Night: Rain. Low 5ÂșC. Winds NW at 15 to 30 kmph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around 12mm. Locally heavy rainfall possible.

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Avalanche Risk (Local)
16/11/2020 07:54hrs
(Above 1800m)
Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features.
(1200m - 1800m)
? No Rating
Insufficient information to establish avalanche danger rating.
(Below 1200m)
? No Rating
Insufficient information to establish avalanche danger rating.

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