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Avalanche Risk (Local)
03/03/2021 18:36hrs
(Above 1800m)
? No Rating
Insufficient information to establish avalanche danger rating.
(1200m - 1800m)
? No Rating
Insufficient information to establish avalanche danger rating.
(Below 1200m)
? No Rating
Insufficient information to establish avalanche danger rating.
Mountain Conditions
Sunday 18th April 2021, 07:34hrs: Our cooler & wetter than "normal" Autumn continues this week. NW gales and rainfall continue, with the occasional SW flick to drop some snow onto the Alps. Ground temperatures are still very warm so new snow doesn't stick around beyond a couple of days.

Climbers report that most glaciers/ice-fields are still passable with care; bergschrunds on the larger glaciers (Crow, White) are hauling apart and cut-off is imminent. Some ice-fields are disappearing again (eg. the Otira Face shelf, and under Mt Speight), Glaciers such as the Rolleston and Goldney are now mere ice-fields covered in moraine. Further high level snow during the week may disguise some crevasse and bergschrund hazards for a time afterwards!

11/04/2021 18:42hrs: The unstable weather patterns continue this week with heavy rain redeveloping tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. As the week progresses snowfalls with creep down to 1400-1600m (treeline).

  • Mt Armstrong (2110m) - Southeast aspect07/04/2021
    Mt Armstrong (2110m) - Southeast aspect
  • Mt Lancelot (2112m) - North aspect07/04/2021
    Mt Lancelot (2112m) - North aspect
  • Mt Philistine (1967m) - South aspect07/04/2021
    Mt Philistine (1967m) - South aspect
  • Mt Rolleston (2212m) - Low Peak07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2212m) - Low Peak
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - High Peak Access
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (High Peak)07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (High Peak)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (Middle Peak)07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face (Middle Peak)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face Couloir07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Face Couloir
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Philistine Traverse07/04/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Philistine Traverse
  • Mt Williams (1718m) - Gunbarrel Scree route24/03/2021
    Mt Williams (1718m) - Gunbarrel Scree route
  • Mt Williams (1718m) - Southwest ridge24/03/2021
    Mt Williams (1718m) - Southwest ridge
  • The Dome (1938m)24/03/2021
    The Dome (1938m)
  • The Spike (1440m)24/03/2021
    The Spike (1440m)
  • Blimit (1921m)22/03/2021
    Blimit (1921m)
  • Hills Peak (1640m)22/03/2021
    Hills Peak (1640m)
  • Mt Cassidy (1850m)22/03/2021
    Mt Cassidy (1850m)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Middle Peak (Otira Face)22/03/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Middle Peak (Otira Face)
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide22/03/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Otira Slide
  • Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Upper Waimakariri Approaches22/03/2021
    Mt Rolleston (2275m) - Upper Waimakariri Approaches
  • Mt Stuart (1906m)22/03/2021
    Mt Stuart (1906m)
  • Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face22/03/2021
    Mt Temple (1913m) - West Face
  • Mt Oates (2041m/2054m)14/03/2021
    Mt Oates (2041m/2054m)
  • Mt Franklin (2145m) - South aspect13/03/2021
    Mt Franklin (2145m) - South aspect
  • Mt Oates (2041m) - North Ridge13/03/2021
    Mt Oates (2041m) - North Ridge
  • Mt Oates (2041m) - West Face13/03/2021
    Mt Oates (2041m) - West Face
  • Mt Oates (High 2054m) - Southwest Ridge13/03/2021
    Mt Oates (High 2054m) - Southwest Ridge
  • Whitehorn Ice-field12/03/2021
    Whitehorn Ice-field
  • Mt Franklin (2145m) - Southeast aspect21/02/2021
    Mt Franklin (2145m) - Southeast aspect
  • Mt Scott (2009m)21/02/2021
    Mt Scott (2009m)
  • Mt Wilson (2035m)21/02/2021
    Mt Wilson (2035m)
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Weather Information
20 Apr

5 / 11ºC
21 Apr

3 / 14ºC
22 Apr

6 / 12ºC
23 Apr

5 / 10ºC
24 Apr

3 / 10ºC
25 Apr

-2 / 7ºC
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Update:20/04/21 09:30hrs
Update: 20/4/21 9:24hrs NZST
Sunrise: 7:11hrs
Sunset: 17:50hrs
Temperature: 6.6ºC  (Rising)
Temperature (Low): 5.2ºC
Temperature (High): 7.0ºC
Wind Chill: 6.6ºC
Humidity: 84%  (Rising)
Barometer: 1012.10mb (Falling)
Wind Speed: 2km/h
Wind Direction: WNW
Wind Gust: 31km/h (9:19hrs)
Cloud Base: 730m ASL
Freezing Level: 2045m
Daily Rainfall: 0mm
24 Hour Rain: 0mm
Rain Days (2021): 38

Last Update: 20/04/2021 09:04
Location: Mt Rolleston (Goldney Ridge) 1800m
Alt. Temp: -1.3ºC
Alt. Windspeed: 0.0kmph
Alt. Av. Windspeed: 3.4kmph
Alt. Max. Windspeed: 8.1kmph
Alt. Wind Chill: N/A
Alt. Air Pressure: 807hPa
Last Snowfall: 4 days ago
7 Day Snowfall: 5.5cm
Snowpack Depth: 0.0cm
2 Day
3 Day
Carrington Hut20/04/2021 - 07:00hrs0.0mm0.5mm0.5mm
Mid Poulter River20/04/2021 - 07:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Grasmere Stn20/04/2021 - 07:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Mt Cheeseman20/04/2021 - 07:00hrs0.0mm0mm0mm
Goldney Ridge20/04/2021 - 09:53hrs0mm6mm10mm

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