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Arthur's Pass Region Ascents Logbook

Ascents in Arthur's Pass National Park have not been well documented over the years, and the Park Headquarters has never maintained an ascents log. So there is at least some form of ascents record kept for the park I provide this electronic log here. You are quite welcome to enter any historical ascents you have made in the park as well as recent ascents.

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If you think you have established a new route please email me at with the details, please include as much route detail as possible (including estimated alpine and/or rock grades), include a marked up photograph if possible.

If you have route corrections from that in the current Guide Book visit the Mountain WIKI page and make your updates there.

PLEASE NOTE: This database is now a "live" fully online version, updates will now show immediately. If you make an error please email me at with the corrections.

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Date Mountain Route Party
03/01/2020Mt Rolleston - Low Peak
Otira slidePVTDeanGood firm icy snow all the way, softening slightly in the arvo, this made it easier to descend .
24/12/2019Mt Philistine
Standard from foot bridgePVTTroy and KatieSnow on face near summit but ridges are clear.
11/12/2019Mt Philistine
Standard route from the Otira valley foot bridgePVTDaryll Thomson, David Kennedy, Susan ParkesNormal spring conditions with snow softening during the day
07/10/2019Mt Rolleston - Low Peak
Rome RidgePVTEiffelMostly solid firm snow.
Sizes of cornices have been reduced.
Very cloudy and super windy weather today.
Otira Slide descent was shrouded in clouds.
Otira Valley is filled with tons of avo debris from the weekend.
03/10/2019Mt Rolleston - Low Peak
Chockstone RouteEiffel TanEiffel TanUp to 5 cm deep snow on top of firm snow on the Bealey Face. Hard firm snow when topping out on goldney ridge directly above the chockstone Some hollowed out cornices on Goldney Ridge. Pretty safe traverse otherwise. Otira Slide having up to 15 cm of powder snow.
Class .5 avos happening mid day on the otira face. Some head sized rollerballs with a short run out as well
28/07/2019Mt Temple
Carter Gough GullyPVTJ Morris, T de WildeGood firm snow to 1700m with variable snice and unconsolidated rubbish above. Large pinwheels in Downhill Basin with prior warm event
30/06/2019Mt Alexander
Low peak from Camp CreekBenJust meIcy snow from around 1500m. Left the car park at 11am and made it to the low peak in 1 hour 50 min running. Crazy how much more ground you can cover without a pack!
18/06/2019Mt Rolleston - Low Peak
Crow FacePVTKeeley RhyndSolid conditions centre left of Face. Ice flow and leads on the right haven’t touched down yet. Descent down Rome ridge which is firm on the crest with pockets of shallow wind blown under a thin crust on the northern side.
05/05/2019Mt O'Malley
Via 1844 on Mt Aicken TrackPVTJon ColbertMinimal snow cover, and only in southerly aspects.
30/04/2019Mt Edgar Evans
South along the ridge from Mt wilsonPVTDaryll Thomson, Stuart ColumbusSome new snow
13/04/2019Mt Barron
Via Mt Barron trackPVTRobert, Thomas, Tim, Vincent 
06/04/2019Mt Binser
Via binser saddleRobert, Geoff, Thomas3Straight forward trip, follow the doc track past the saddle until you reach the creek to your right, followed up the creek for about 500m, then gained the ridge on the right following a deer trail. From there route finding is straight forward. Small cornices have formed at the ridge, about 20cms of snow from the treeline, knee deep in the ridge
25/01/2019Mt Temple
Central ButtressPVTKaren Jackson, Jason Watson5 pitches of fun. Have backed up the rap anchor on the tower with new cord.
16/01/2019Mt Scarface
Up bush opposite Worsley Biv -> around to the eastern basins above Minchin Stream -> to South ridge about 500m south of peak -> 500m west side of south ridge to summit. Descended same route.PVTDaryll Thomson
Stuart Columbus
Typical summer conditions of the area in perfect weather.
Bush is thick in places but does provide good, energetic access to the open tops.
27/11/2018Mt Alexander
Camp Creek RoutePVTJon ColbertA few chamois on the tops.
Snow on the summit was firm enough to kick steps and not sink.

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