COVID-19 Level 2 Restrictions
Covid-19 Alert Level 2 commenced at 2359 hours on Wednesday 13th May and continues until further notice! Under this level, tracks, huts, campgrounds & visitor centres can be used again. Larger huts must have no more 10 persons occupying them (carry a tent to all huts so appropriate physical distancing can be maintained - 2m recommended). Visitors will need to carry there own cleaning equipment, and are highly encouraged to fill out hut books for contact tracing purposes! Hunting will be permitted again on conservation land.

Further Information: DOC Website,



Arthur's Pass National Park is "Kiwi Country", the home of the Great Spotted Kiwi, or Roa.

As such, Dogs are NOT PERMITTED in the National Park.

In the Village itself, Dogs must be under control at all times ie: either on a leash or voice control.

Most dogs are not a problem, they are a pleasure. However some dogs do kill Kiwi, especially those which are left to roam through Kiwi zones (this being the whole Village area).

Our National Bird needs your help - Please keep your dog under control at all times.

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