Craigieburn Forest Park

Camp Saddle Walks

TRACK GRADE: Marked Tracks & Routes Only

WALKING TIME: Full Day Tramp

FEATURES: Mountain Tramp, Views, Beech Forest, Rare Plants

RESTRICTIONS : No Mountain Biking

MAPS / INFO : Craigieburn Brochure (PDF 557KB) / Craigieburn Partial Map (PDF 417Kb) / Craigieburn Full Map (PDF 2.59MB)

Broken River Skifield Road to Camp Saddle

Tramping Time: 1-2 hours one way.

The Broken River road is the easiest way to get to Camp Saddle. From the locked gate and carpark where the road crosses Camp Stream, walk 1km to the signposted track (opposite the ski club tractor shed). A wide four wheel drive track narrows as it climbs steadily towards the saddle.

Camp Saddle to Lyndon Saddle

Tramping Time: 1-2 hours one way.

From Camp Saddle continue southeast along a well defined ridge. After an hour descend steeply down a scree slope. Stay on the left of the scree to join an un-marked track through the beech forest to Lyndon Saddle. It is much easier to go down the scree than scramble up it, so this trip is better done as a descent.

Craigieburn Valley Track to Camp Saddle

Tramping Time: about 2 hours one way.

From the Craigieburn Valley skifield carpark continue along the four wheel drive road to the bottom of the ski-tows. From there cross a small stream and follow the Craigieburn Valley track through beech forest until it emerges on a scree and scrub slope. Here you can see Camp Saddle clearly. Here scramble up through the tussock and soft scree to the Saddle. This is also an easy descent route.

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