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NZAC party setting out on the Mt Bealey - Avalanche Peak traverse

Issued: 17/08/2014
We dug a snow pit on the southern aspect at Pt 1760m (low peak), just before the drop before Bealey. We hit rock at about 70 cm, but I could not find any graupel layer and with the usual tapping there were no shears. However, when we put a shovel in behind the column it sheared very cleanly twice at about 30 cm and then again at about 60 cm from the surface. Snow conditions were ridges stripped on the N/W aspects and quite a bit of loose stuff to lee, a fair bit of which was about knee height. (information provided by Charlie Catt with thanks)
Image Taken: 17/08/2014 by © Charlie Catt
Arthur's Pass National Park