Condition Report
Phipps Peak (1965m) - Temple Traverse

Issued: 20/09/2019
Decided to not climb the traverse to Phipps due to cornices hanging above southern aspects, two size 1-2 Avo run-outs and a good amount of roller balling Southern aspects are well Frozen, fun climbing on Mt Temple via temple col, ridge holds about 50 cm deep powder that has been deposited there by Eastern winds A lot of avo activity on Eastern aspects, it appears someone triggered a cornice on Mt Temple facing eastwards resulting in a size 1 Avo but there's debris of much bigger ones Also there's a size two debris field visible between temple buttress and Phipps Haven't seen any Avo activities on north facing aspects Climbing on western aspects was so so, punched through on many occasions, some of the ice isn't attached to the rock anymore, I suppose that the melting water has washed parts of it out. (Report provided by Thomas Dames with thanks!)
Image Taken: 20/09/2019 by © Thomas Dames
Viewed from Mt Temple
Arthur's Pass National Park
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